When Can You Flea Treat Kittens

Fleas are a serious problems for kittens. They can make them uncomfortable and lead to a number of health problems. The only thing is most flea treatment medications cannot be used on kittens. Flea treatment should not be used on a kitten under six weeks of age. Many people still wonder when can you flea treat kittens with outdoor sprays? There are some ways to remove the fleas without harming the kitten.

Manually remove

If the kitten is very tiny a person may have to manually remove the fleas. They need to be careful when doing so and make sure they get every flea that they see. A person can use their fingers or a pair of tweezers. The flea should be dipped in Vaseline so that it cannot move once it is caught. Flea treatment should be used on the mother cat to make sure the babies do not become infested again.

Flea Comb

A flea comb is another method to remove fleas from kittens. A person should mix five parts water in one part of Skin so Soft (from Avon). This product is gentle and effective on delicate skin. A person should carefully use a sponge to wet the kitten’s fir. Once the coat is wet they should get thought it with the flea comb. Once again Vaseline should be used to keep the flea from jumping. This should be done in a warm room so the kitten does not get cold.

These are some of the ways to treat a kitten for fleas. Once the kitten reaches eight weeks in age flea and tick treatment can be used. Before this time these treatments can be dangerous to the little kitten. A person will have to do some manual work in order to remove fleas from kittens but they can solve the flea problem in no time.